Our Philosophy

Our role as teachers is to provide all students with opportunities to be successful learners.  We want our learners to develop an appreciation for learning and a desire for a deeper understanding of concepts and areas of interest.  Teachers have the power to make significant differences in children’s lives.

With the help of teachers, students are one step closer to the point where they can accomplish anything they have ever dreamed of doing.  Using effective teaching practices and multiple learning styles we will provide the opportunities for our students to reach their maximum potential.  We differentiate the curriculum to extend and modify instruction to meet the individual needs of our students.  We give alternatives that will allow each individual to explore and create experiences relevant to their interests.  In our classroom, students become successful through the techniques that work best for them.

We provide an environment that is positive, physically safe, and intellectually stimulating. During our group programs our students will work cooperatively with one another while establishing self-confidence.  The setting will be open and respectful to all thoughts and ideas where students are encouraged to ask questions and explore their learning potential.  We always guide our students with effective feedback that will help our students develop confidence and the concepts necessary to enhance their skills.

Parent involvement makes an enormous positive difference in a child’s performance.  We keep parents updated on their child’s progress and demonstrate the teaching strategies that can be reinforced at home.  Our classroom is inviting to both students and parents, which also encourages growth and development.

Every child is valuable and deserving of an education that will help him or her live a happy, fulfilling life.  Learning is possible for all children as long as time and patience are prevalent.  Our inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity, organization and willingness to try new methods motivate our students to work to their fullest potential and develop confidence they need in order to face challenges they may encounter in the future.